What’s your personal month number for July?

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The  6 Personal Month Number

The energy of a six this period is all about your home, your peeps and your community. The emphasis will most likely be in your home – where some changes might be occurring and people are coming and/or going. It may seem like Grand Central Station right now, and breakups, divorce, marriage, hooking up or moving is a possibility, so get a grip on the situation now so you can handle what comes down the pike.

Are you ready to take a relationship to the next level or are you beginning to develop strong ties of friendship with someone? If so, don’t hold back and move towards your own personal development and self-growth. The cycle of a 6 period sometimes represents issues and responsibilities towards taking care of an elderly person — such as your parents or grandparents, etc. This is a time when you must cheerfully accept this responsibility – no poor me attitudes – as this could be you 30-40 years down the road – and wouldn’t you want them to be cheerful towards you?

On a good note, the 6 vibration stimulates your artistic sense in July, which you could put to constructive use by redecorating or remodeling your home. This is the emphasis on your home I spoke about earlier. Entertaining is also a distinct possibility, so get your house in order. Feng shui with fresh flowers and aromatic candles and get the exercise equipment  and computer out of the bedroom if you want to cultivate a romantic relationship!

Make sure you have the mental and emotional powers to handle all situations this month. That means praying, meditating, daily affirmations and staying in high thought should be a part of your daily ritual.

Keywords for 6’s
Changes in home, marriage, divorce, death, redecorating, remodeling, domestic, community, responsibilities.

Colors to wear to affect positive changes
Bright red, yellow, mustard, navy blue or silver. If you really want to affect and implement change into your life, these colors in some segment of your wardrobe can really do the trick. You can accessorize with these colors using jewelry or with cosmetics – like a bright red lipstick for that wow factor. Believe me, red never goes out of style.

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