What’s your personal month number for July?

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The  5 Personal Month Number

5 Have you been feeling restless lately and feel the need to make some sort of change?  Well the 5 cycle will do that to you every time! 5 always represents that itch for something new and different.

July beckons adventure and the lure of new vistas. You have the opportunity to travel this month. If you do not travel physically this month, then you most certainly will do so mentally or alternatively – it could even be that you are meeting new people or cultures, or getting connected elsewhere such as on-line.

This is a cycle in which you can and want to break out of stagnant conditions and investigate new opportunities. One such opportunity that you may be attracted to is a home study course of some sort, adult education or a new hobby, because this is a period of mental growth and development – the 5 cycle represents that change that you are really seeking this month.

There are two possible paths that you could possibly take this month and you could be faced with situations that require quick and sudden decisions. This could very well be a turning point for you. Because this is a time of continual change in your life, you must be flexible and learn to adapt, rather than make rigid plans – for they could be altered anyway. Therefore, you must be free to meet the experiences face-to-face and accept this cycle as it is and what you need to learn from your situation.

You may feel somewhat nervous and a little restless with this energy vibration, so stay alert and stay focused. Channel your energies into constructive action and positive thinking. Remember that every thought you think creates your future, so create a positive future! You have the mental power to do this, so keep the faith baby!

Keywords for 5’s
Change, change, change, communication, focus, keep the faith, work toward new interests and travel.

Colors to wear to channel your good juju
Black, blue, red, turquoise, pink.  OK, granted pink and turquoise may be a little much as a main color (and maybe not), but how about sporting all your turquoise or rose-quartz jewelry? It compliments black and blues and remember the key is to bring forth that positive future for yourself.

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