What’s your personal month number for July?

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The 4 Personal Month Number

4 Resonating to a 4 this month is good, because the 4 is always so busy bringing order and definition to things. So this month you must measure, classify, record, regulate and compose yourself – both in your affairs and in your environment. You have the opportunity to have financial gains but it will take hard work and perseverance on your part.

Begin to attend to everyday matters (like ways to make money or earn a living) and handle them through your own efforts — which means you must take action now. Let me repeat – take action now!  Learn to control your daily activities to allow you to reap material rewards. Money and finances are very much a part of this cycle, so you should be economical and practical. Set up a budget and pay debts on all levels – materially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Building and construction of some sort is in the picture this month for many 4’s – surveying land, planning and building a new home, or refurbishing or reconstructing an existing one are very likely pursuits under a 4 month. There may be obstacles that must be solved and may require a lot of patience and determination, but if you have the courage to struggle through all opposition, you can make great strides in this area.

July definitely brings the need to define and bring order in your life, so make sure you have all your methods in place. During this period, reason reigns king, therefore you must exercise your vision, insight and analysis. You will be able to see into the heart of any situation and may be called upon to use your reason and good judgment – perhaps in some situation that involves the law or fair dealings with others – so exercise calm and be practical. Meditation may be a daily necessity that could help you overcome any difficulties. So my advice is to OM away.

Keywords for 4’s:
Work, finances, building, practicality, vision, insight, legalities

Colors to wear to bring opportunities your way!
Wear green, turquoise, blue, gray or light brown. The blues, grays and browns define your practical and conservative side, while a splash of turquoise and green will bring out your playful side – which you need this month to help you think outside the box. Remember 4 is a square and maybe you need to be a triangle this month – you get the picture…

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