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The 3 Personal Month Number

3s – July is a happy month where previous difficulties you may have experienced will be overcome and resolved once and for all. You are finally bursting at the seams with joie de vivre and your optimism helps you to express yourself socially and indulge your desires and fantasies. Don’t let anything get in your way. Acquiring money is definitely something that can happen during this cycle – but only if you are receptive to the receiving of gifts. So meditate, do your affirmations and check in with your inner-self daily if you want to acquire those gifts — only you can do the inner work required of this cycle to reap the benefits.

Luck may be on your side, this month, but remember that luck is merely the outward manifestation of your present positive attitude. You are the one that creates your own luck, so don’t rely on that lottery ticket just yet.

There is growth and expansion in all areas of your life at this time. For some, this may mean marriage or the birth of children. For others a birth can represent something different and occur in the creative arts or in a new business venture. It’s time to get off your little tush this month and take action — because you finally have the opportunity to be recognized for your talents in writing, painting, sculpting or acting! So now is the time to write that article or book,  paint the painting, sculpt the statue or present that cool project you have been thinking about for so long. So 3’s — what are you waiting for — get up and get out there and get noticed for the creative, talented soul that you are. Let your talent and expressive nature shine and shine!

Keywords for 3’s
Growth, travel, entertainment, self-expression, expansion, growth
Colors to wear to attract love!
Wear amber, wine red, forest green or rose. These colors enhance your sensuality and allows your creative side to come out and play – you will get noticed — I promise!
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