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The 2 Personal Month Number
If you are in a 2 personal month, This is a frustrating month for you that finds you in a gestation period, and having to sit on the side lines and wait for the results.  You must exercise poise and just wait for the outcome. The good news is that you will get the answers you seek soon enough. It is time to collect and assimilate the experiences of the past, which gives them time to grow slowly.  Think of it like this – at the new moon you plant seeds of ideas of whatever it is you want to bring forth. Then at the full moon, your seeds will have grown into that beautiful thing you wished for at the new moon.

July is filled with secrets and a period in which your affairs, situations and relationships are operating under an element of the unknown. Remain poised because you may not be aware of all the circumstances surrounding a particular situation, which may be in a state of flux. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain balance and stay in harmony with yourself.Stay calm and don’t over react. Don’t take unnecessary chances. Risk is good, but only if you have a road map– so study all paths that lead to knowledge in your situation.

This month can be kind of tricky navigating conversations of any kind. Be careful of what you say about your hopes and ambitions, for your words could be misconstrued by others. Use diplomacy in all dealings and be cautious about whom you talk with and whom you put your confidence in.

Be patient, considerate, tactful and receptive to other people’s ideas this month . By taking the high road and practicing diplomacy, you never know what brilliant and genius ideas may land right in your lap and produce peace, cooperation and the coming together of things just the way you want.

Keywords for 2’s are:
Gestation, cooperation, diplomacy, self-knowledge, poise
Colors to wear to show off your regal side!
Wear gold, black, white, yellow or salmon. Excellent color choices for the twos who want to look regal, elegant and together. Remember gold is the color of royalty.

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