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The 1 Personal Month Number

If you are in a 1 personal month, then July is your month to shine! You are ready and willing to take chances this month in spite of what has been happening lately where you have felt suppressed and perhaps not able to go forward. This month, you will re-discover your misplaced enthusiasm and take charge of your life. Perhaps to begin or rekindle a business venture. You will let decisiveness lead the way towards a new start of some sort and you will choose the path you want to take. Good tidings can come your way — if you keep your focus and drive.

You have the ability to separate yourself from your environment and choose the path you want to take. You may be required to stand alone — to think for yourself and to learn independence. The vibration of 1 reveal the powers within, and now you must take the reins and determine your future course. If you have depended upon others in the past, you will realize that you can no longer do so now.

July emphasizes setting long-range goals and beginning to take steps to attain them. You will realize, when you look back, that the events of this period were the foundational stones of your new life.

Speed up – don’t slow down this month- and let your intuition (rather than ambition) guide you. You know what to do, so trust your inner self more and get rid of that inner self-critic. You know who I’m talking about – so dump the bum and get in the game! You can conquer and win if you want to.

Keywords for 1’s are:
New beginnings, decisions, independence, taking chances
Colors to wear to keep the ambition alive!
Wear reds, oranges, coppers or lilac as these are very dynamic and courageous colors. Perfect for the ones who represent independence so well.

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