June 2010 is coming to a close. All month, June 2010 has been resonating to the Universal number 9 which represents endings and changes and even inspiration.  2010 is a 3 universal year which represents a year of creativity, motivation, growth and inspiration. June is the 6th month and its temporary vibration brought to us  responsibility and service to others. So we have had the vibrational energy of the Universal 3 to support us in all our creations and to inspire others,  and the vibrational energy of the 6 month of the year to inspire the compassionate and idealistic healer or teachers to come out from behind the scenes and help on a bigger stage. Collectively the two numbers equal 9 and that provided a sense of completion, the release of the positive side of power and ambition and the transformation of our ideas and ideals.

The Zen of today’s temporary vibrational universal influence reflects idealism, and the good of mankind. Today is the day for the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course – A mover and a shaker, without a selfish bone in his or her body. Today we can pursue goals other than money and power  – you want to feed the hungry and heal the sick. Do not worry, all the resources you need to do the job will magically appear. Today represents financial strength, power, authority and ambition. James Allen once said “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So be careful what you ask for, because you may just get it. Think of this day as going up the mountain and reaching the top to achieve that one big goal.

Today is a day of vision, courage, determination, perseverance, great stamina and a strong competitive streak.  However, your best chance for success exists when there is a balance between ambition and compassion, the material and the spiritual.

Today, there is a sense of dynamic energy but in the form of a controlled and carefully guided force. There is a feeling of purpose and efficiency. You have the courage and effort to face difficulties. There is a certain correctness about the energy which radiates from this day, so get into the pioneering spirit, get your warrior hat on, let your humanitarian side come out. Let today become the day that your dynamic source of power helps you to effect change and transformation in a positive way with a spiritual vibrational quality.

On a final  note, I would like to send my prayers to the many family members and friends of Robert Byrd who passed away today. Since 9 is the number of the socially conscious humanitarian, it is no surprise that he died in a 9 universal vibrational month. He was a true humanitarian who opposed the war in Iraq and was known as the self-proclaimed “champion of the Constitution. ” His home state, West Virginia is one of the poorest in the country and this is how he wished to be remembered:

“When I am dead and open, they will find West Virgina written on my heart.”- Robert Byrd